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Fit and Pregnant

Fit and Pregnant Program is a 8 week low impact workout series

  • 1,200 US dollars
  • New York|Barcelona

Session Info

Fit and Pregnant Program is a 8 week low impact workout series with Doula Natalie Peña and Fitness Trainer Natalie Friedman. Together we create a safe environment to learn about ways to stay fit through your pregnancy and postpartum. The goal is to strengthen the muscles that are often overstretched and weak during pregnancy and open or stretch muscles that are shortened with incorrect pregnancy posture . Exercise is beneficial all the time but specifically when you are pregnant exercise can help improve your sleep, digestion and prevent or relieve backaches, improve posture, strength and most importantly learning how to relax your pelvic floor. Fit and Pregnant is specifically designed to prevent wear and tear on your joints which become loose during pregnancy due to normal hormonal changes. These program videos will allow you to be most fully in your body, increase blood flow and prepare you to have healthier outcomes. This program is open for clients who are over 13 weeks pregnant and would like to find ways to increase strength, prepare for birth and have fun. This special time for many birthing people is a pathway to a new you, why not do it in a safe and supportive community. As part of the program you receive: - 4 week exercise program curated by our pre and postpartum certified personal trainer, complete with warm up, variations to help you modify as you go from first trimester to labor. - 1 week of breathing instruction to help you through your changing body and grounding through labor - 1 week comfort measures to help you stay comfortable during labor - one free 1;1 training session pre or postpartum trainer - one free prenatal class for both parents * payment plans for clients who are interested. We are passionate about birthing folks being able to have happy and healthy pregnancies and are willing to offer payment plans. As part of this program you will receive a 1:1 training session with Natalie Friedman, and a free prenatal class by Natalie Peña. Doula options are available for clients who would like to have a doula assist their birth, we offer sliding scale for our services of Healing Internationale are are committed to helping communities thrive in optimal health. You can start the program anytime after you consultation and payment program has been set. Please sign up for a free consultation or email for inquiries.

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  • New York, NY, USA


  • Barcelona, Spain


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