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Fit & Pregnant 

Tree Pose

Exercise is beneficial all the time but specifically when you are pregnant. Exercise can help improve your sleep, digestion, prevent or relieve backaches, improve posture, strength, and most importantly teach you how to relax your pelvic floor.

At Healing Internationale Pregnancy is just another beginning for Healing, practically applying health education as well as learning and honoring new opportunities to generational health and wellness. 

Led by Natalie Peña our founder and passionate full-spectrum doula and Natalie Friedman certified personal trainer

Pregnant Yoga

Fit and Pregnant

Fit and Pregnant Program is a 4 week low impact workout series with Doula Natalie Peña and Fitness Trainer Natalie Friedman. Together we create a safe environment to learn about ways to stay fit through your pregnancy and postpartum.

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